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Tuschall Engineering Company, Inc. is a full-service Chicago & throughout the Midwest Metal Panel Company. We provide a variety of metal cladding systems and components for many clients around our home base. With over 80 years of experience, Tuschall Engineering Company is easily one of the most well-regarded and experienced metal wall panel installers. By focusing on lean project management, we reliably reduce the risk of unforeseen circumstances, work with a fast turnaround, and produce the highest caliber work with the architect’s design intent in mind. As a result, we create top-level results for every one of our clients.

Ever since we were founded, Tuschall Engineering Company focuses on metal wall panel evolution, allowing us to stay at the forefront of the field. Not only does this allow us to create high-quality finishes, but it also allows us to create durable and attractive structures that work with your design intent. With Tuschall Engineering on your side, you know you will get a company that works with you, not against you. From the conception of the architecture to its completion, we work alongside you every step of the way with precision and eagerness. We welcome architects, general contractors, and installers to work with us on all metal system installation phases.

Versatile Abilities

With over 80 years in the business, our Chicago & throughout the Midwest Metal Panel Company has learned a thing or two about metal cladding systems. This enables us to offer a wide range of products for our clients. Whether you want flat systems or insulated walls, aluminum or copper, we have you covered. Tuschall Engineering has made it a point to provide as many products as possible for our clients, allowing every part of your vision to come to life.

A Leader in All Phases of Metal System Installation

For metal panel installation in Chicago & throughout the Midwest, we offer services for all phases of metal systems. From design and intent to maintenance, Tuschall Engineering oversees the process all the way through. This includes design and intent, pre-construction consultation, installation, and maintenance. Our 80+ years of experience allows us to know what to do during all project planning phases, ensuring you get a final product that is seamless and perfect in every way.

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Our portfolio showcases our proudest metal panel installation in Chicago:

Proven Success

Since we have been in business for over 80 years, we have worked on a variety of structures. From educational spaces to living condos, our metal panel work has been featured nearly everywhere in Chicago. Some of our most notable works include the Fourth Presbyterian Church, and David Rubinstein Forum, the Poetry Foundation, and the Chicago Theological Seminary.

Though we have worked on hundreds of structures, we tackle each project as though it is our first – with passion, excitement, and eagerness. It is this passion that allows us to create buildings that are beautiful and full of meaning. Tuschall Engineering doesn’t just make metal panels. We make your visions come to life and inspire others.


Tuschall Engineering stands behind our core philosophy to provide professional architectural firms with superior metal cladding products and exceptional craftsmanship that will not only meet, but surpass the expectations of our clients and their desire to fulfill the ever-changing green building needs.

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A Mindset for Innovation

Even though Tuschall Engineering is a leading Chicago & throughout the Midwest Metal Panel Company, we know that our reputation depends on the work we do now, not just in the past. This motivates us to continually innovate our work to produce the most modern, advanced, and effective metal panels on the market. We do not settle for anything less than the best. This requires us to innovate whenever we can, and we tackle this innovation with excitement and eagerness. One way we continue to innovate our work is by finding greener, more environmentally-friendly alternatives. Here at Tuschall Engineering, we know that our planet should be a top priority. We make it our mission to go as green as possible. This allows us to help the planet and help you find greener alternatives for your plans and visions. Because of our mindset for innovation, we are not satisfied with simply meeting your expectations. Instead, we want to surpass your expectations and create a professional architectural firm with superior metal cladding products. Our products provide the highest performance and craftsmanship that exceed expectations by focusing on our craft, especially where green alternatives are concerned.

Where Everyone is Family

Unlike many companies, Tuschall Engineering prioritizes the person. This means that we treat everyone, from our team members to clients, like our family. In fact, treating people like family is at the heart of Tuschall’s core values. We know that our work is entirely meaningless if it doesn’t respect, invigorate, and bring joy to everyone involved in the process. By treating everyone like family, we can continually incorporate new ideas and innovate our work to become better and better by the year.

This is why Tuschall Engineering works with you, not against you. Just as we want our loved ones’ dreams to come true, we want to see your structural and design dreams come true, too. By helping you with every step of the process, we can make your plans and vision to life.