About us

dedicated to our core values

For over 80 years Tuschall Engineering has stayed on top of the evolution of metal wall panels. Our focus on lean project management has enabled us to greatly reduce the probability of unforeseen circumstances; About Us this has proven to be an effective component to maintaining our reputation for fast turn around and quality work. Implementing very tight planning, our project management team focuses on providing essential support by determining the work process from the initiation of planning, through to building approval and execution.

Tuschall family

Treating our employees like family is the base of Tuschall’s core values. We embrace individual skills and characteristics which over the years have influenced our company culture and resulted in the long term success of the company. Their happiness and security are key factors for the motives behind providing continuing training and education, enforcing project safety plans and ensuring a secure work environment. As a result, we maintain well defined standards for the highest performance and craftsmanship from our employees– which produces a dynamic work environment and in turn provides our clients with the highest level of service possible.


Tuschall Engineering stands behind our core philosophy to provide professional architectural firms with superior metal cladding products and exceptional craftsmanship that will not only meet, but surpass the expectations of our clients and their desire to fulfill the ever-changing green building needs.