Aurubis is a leading international provider for copper and other non-ferrous metals. They process the metal concentrates and raw materials so others can reuse them. In fact, Aurubis is the leader of copper recycling.

Copper recycling is highly effective and reliable. The copper recycled by Aurubis is especially so. Premium grade copper scrap has at least 95% the value of a newly mined ore primary metal. In other words, their copper scrap is highly durable and high quality.

Here at Tuschall Engineering, we value our planet we call home. This makes us lean towards greener alternatives. We want to utilize the resources we have in the most sustainable way possible. For this reason, Tuschall Engineering sources our copper from Aurubis. Not only is the copper great quality, but it is also more sustainable and economical for us, you, and the world as a whole.