Get the classic look of wood and the durability of metal with Tuschall Engineering’s Knotwood. Our Knotwood metals are designed to provide a classic and rustic look that will last many years. Upgrade any structure you may have with attractive and durable Knotwood.

What is Knotwood?

Tuschall Engineering is a proud dealer of Knotwood metals. Knotwood is a leader in wood grain finished metals in North America. They combine aluminum’s strength with the attractiveness of wood to create attractive, classic structures that will last many years.

Knotwood uses a sublimation process to create aluminum that looks like wood. This option is greener, safer, stronger, and easier to use than wood, but it still offers traditional wood finishes. All Knotwood metals are inspired by natural wood, ranging from warm, woody hues to dark modern ashes.


Since Knotwood is made from aluminum, it is highly durable. It can withstand a lot of pressure, and it is resistant to corrosion. This makes the Knotwood metals a great choice for both interior and exterior design options. No matter where you put the Knotwood metal, it will resist the elements and stand the test of time.

All Knotwood metals are covered in a powder coating. This powder coating gives the metal pieces a wood-like finish, but it also makes the metal more durable. Once again, this makes Knotwood an all-around good choice for durability purposes.


All the while, Knotwood is one of the most attractive options you can choose. Knotwood uses the world’s natural beauty to create a more rustic and classic look for your structures. The specialty powder process allows the aluminum to have wood grain color finishes that look and feel like real wood.

The powder coating also makes the colors look more consistent and rich. As a result, Knotwood provides the most wood-like finish of any metal supplier.


Since aluminum is a versatile metal, so is Knotwood. You will find our Knotwood metals great for fencing, gates, screens, cladding, soffits, battens, awnings, decking, railings, and enclosures. Any space will benefit from the durability and classic look that Knotwood metals provide.