Tuschall Engineering provides expert installation. Our team melds professional expertise with beautiful sheet metal craftmanship to install beautiful and sleek-looking metal panel systems. By working with your designs from the conception to the installation phase, we make sure that your vision comes to life. We take pride in having superintendents and foremen that have been working with the Tuschall family for over 30 years, meaning that we have installers with decades of experience.

Prepping Metal Panel Systems for Installation

Before metal panel systems are installed, they need to be designed with the finished product framing needs in mind. This allows the system to be exact to the building for safety and functionality standards.

Once the panel systems have been designed and framed for the structure exactly, the panels can be cut. Then, sealants are applied to the joints. This is done before the panel systems are installed to make sure that they prevent any leaks.

The panel caulking and sealant are highly important. We never skip this step and we make sure that our metal panels are properly sealed and caulked to work efficiently and stand against the elements.

How our metal panel systems installed?

The installation process is pretty easy. Most of the heavy lifting is done before the installation process begins.  After the panels have been structurally framed for the design criteria and cut, they are lifted into place. Suction lifting equipment or another tool is used to put the panels exactly where you want them.

We place the panels’ bottom ends directly on the base. From there, we tilt the panels into position based on our agreed-upon specifications. We use a firm, gradual pressure to slide the panels into the groove and draw the panels together.

What’s Next?

After the panels have been installed, fasteners need to be in place for installing trim. These fasteners will be installed depending on our structural calculations. We make sure not to overdrive or under drive them as it could lead to leakage.

We then clean the surfaces. It is easy for dirt and other pollutants to get on the metal sheeting during the installation process. These items can destroy the coating, which then makes the metal less durable. We make sure to clean them ourselves so that your system lasts longer.

As the years go on, your system will need to be maintained. Tuschall Engineering takes it upon ourselves to maintain your system. We keep track of everything we use and their requirements to maintain your system properly and efficiently.

Metal Panel Installation Cost

Every installation has a unique price based on the system and time spent, but you can expect metal systems to cost significantly less than more conventional construction designs. Tuschall Engineering maximizes our resources and time spent on projects so that you can save money. Since our metal systems require less work and team members than traditional construction, expect to pay less for our sheet metal systems.