Metals are highly durable, which is why metal panel systems last many years. To make your system last longer, you need to maintain it. Tuschall Engineering makes maintenance easy by sticking with you for the whole ride. Our metal panel maintenance services help you get the most out of your metal panel system.

We take it upon ourselves to keep track of all of the materials and plans used. This makes it easier down the line since you won’t have to dig through your old files to find out about the system’s structure. Learn the maintenance of metal panels by reading on.

Maintenance Consideration

Safety First

At Tuschall Engineering view our clients like family and we want you safe like our family. Protect yourself and your coworkers by practicing safe inspection techniques. Even if you don’t think that you need any of the safety features we mention, think again. Inspecting metal buildings or roofs can be incredibly dangerous.

Wear Safety Gear

Maintenance of the metal panel system begins by wearing safety gear depending on what you’re doing. If you go on the roof or anywhere else on your building that might be dangerous, wear things like goggles, gloves, and helmets. This gear will ensure that you are kept safe.

Watch Where You Walk

More so, watch out for where you walk. Never walk on eave or rake flashings, gutters, hip or ridge flashings. Also, never walk on a skylight or fabric fiberglass type panel. You may fall through. Instead, only walk on the flat area of the panel, near the roof panel supports. This ensures that the metal roof supports your weight.

Also, keep foot traffic to a minimum. It is much easier to fall or get hurt if you are distracted by someone below. Similarly, you don’t want anything to fall off the roof and injure someone who happens to be underneath.

Don't Wear Black Soled Shoes

Try to refrain from wearing black soled shoes. They will leave marks that are hard to get off. Instead, wear soft-soled shoes that are white or tan.

Don't Push Yourself

The last safety advice we have is don’t push yourself. If you are scared to inspect your system yourself, that is okay. Call us to do it for you. We have metal panel maintenance services for that exact purpose.

Routine Maintenance

To put your best foot forward for lengthening the lifespan of your metal panel system, we recommend doing an annual checkup on your system. This will help keep things clean and help you spot any repairs sooner rather than later. Though the routine maintenance check can be annoying, it can save you a lot of money.


Although metal is durable, it is still susceptible to damage if it is not cleaned properly. Once a year, clean gutters, downspouts, and rained boxes. It is super easy for leaves and debris to get stuck in one of these items, which then backs up the entire gutters system, causing leaks and damage to the metal system.

Also, clear the valleys on flat roofs and pooling areas. Leaves and debris get stuck in these valleys all the time. As a result, water overflows onto the roof, causing water damage and leakage. If you have many trees above your system, you should do this more than once a year.

Finally, clean any tree branches or anything else that may be touching the roof or metal structure. Branches, leaves, and other items can make the metal more susceptible to damage and water damage. Make sure that none of these items are directly touching your roof or metal system.


Once you clean off your metal system, it’s time to inspect it. Inspection is the best way to find if there are any issues with your metal system. By inspecting the system often, you can resolve quick fixes before they can become large issues.

Most importantly, check penetrations for leaks. Leaks are most likely to occur around the feet or air vents and skylights. Some of these leaks can be caused by the shrinking or hardening of silicones as they dry out. If you see a crack, fill it with a metal roofing sealant.

For the maintenance of your metal panel system, inspect the areas around the chimney, heat vents, oil condensers, cooking areas, and air conditioners for corrosion. These areas are more likely to be broken down since they are exposed to metal-corroding chemicals.

Look for broken flashings, roof sheets, fasteners, or punctures. Any of these issues can be a large expense down the line that are also dangerous. Fix these issues as soon as you notice them. 

You especially need to check the fasteners. These need to be inspected every year. Here is how you inspect fasteners:

The last inspection step is to look at the closures under the ridge caps, transitions, walls, and valleys. These materials can come loose or breakdown from sun exposure. This will then cause leaks.

Professional Maintenance

Beyond the annual check-up, your metal panel system will need to be professionally maintained overtime as well. This professional maintenance is nowhere near as frequent, but it is important. Though you might perform these maintenance features on your own, we recommend contacting us for a professional.

Thorough Cleaning

Most importantly, you will need to have your metal system thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt and pollutants. If these systems are not thoroughly cleaned every 10 years or so, the dirt and debris can stick to the coating systems. This causes leakage and pitting. Pitting is not a structural concern for aluminum or stainless steel, but it is unattractive.

Try to clean thoroughly every 10 years, but you may want to do this more or less often, depending on your environment. For example, a building surrounded by many trees or air-polluting areas will need more frequent cleanings than a building in a more open area.

Sealant Replacement

Sealant is what allows the metal to not corrode under the elements. Over time, the sealant naturally erodes and stops being as efficient. For the maintenance of metal panels systems, you will need to replace the sealant periodically.

Typically, people need to replace the sealant every 7 to 20 years. This exact time will depend on the sealant used and the joint design. You may want to opt for a longer-lasting sealant if you don’t want to replace the sealant very often.

What to Do If You Need a Repair?

Here at Tuschall Engineering, we believe our work is never done for our clients. We provide fast and efficient metal panel maintenance services for our customers. If you see any leaks or damage, call us immediately. It is important to replace or repair the broken parts before they cause any structural damage.

We take a proactive approach to maintenance by cataloging all of the materials and details for your system. This makes it easy for us to pull up all the information needed to properly repair or recover any of the items on your metal panel system.

Key Takeaways

Even though metal panel systems are less expensive than conventional constructions, they are still a lot of money. Get your money’s worth by maintaining the metal system properly. Metal may be durable, but it is not indestructible.

We recommend doing an annual inspection of your metal system. This allows you to see any damages or leaks before they become full-grown problems. As a result, it will save time, energy, and money if you check your metal panel system annually for problems.

Before performing any inspections, though, be safe. Do not push yourself, and always dress in protective gear. Your safety should be your number one priority, so don’t take it lightly. If you are scared to do the inspections yourself, it is safer to ask us for help.

You will also need to maintain your metal system professionally. Thorough cleanings and sealant replacements are necessary for metal panel systems. Go ahead and call us for these tasks. Our metal panel maintenance services are designed to make your life easier and maximize your metal system’s lifespan.