Consultation and Budgeting ​

Insulated metal panels are sleek, modern, and attractive, making them a favorite among many architects and designers. These structures look expensive and sleek from the outside, but did you know that many builders choose insulated metal panels due to their affordability and cost-efficiency?

Tuschall Pre-Construction Consultation

With over 80 years of experience, Tuschall Engineering knows a thing or two about construction. We offer consultation to improve the functionality and form of your vision. We use a streamlined project management style to maximize efficiency and cost. As a result, our team collectively contributes to the characteristics, materials, and techniques used on your existing building or new concept.

By working with you in the pre-construction phase, we get everything in line to create the structure that fulfills your vision. In other words, we use the consultation to get a firm idea of your vision and then base our techniques and materials on what creates the best structure possible for you.

We work closely with our clients so that the structures we erect are the most professional, efficient, and breathtaking buildings possible. Here at Tuschall Engineering, we view everyone – including our clients – like family, which means we want to hear your voice and use our skills and talents to make that voice heard.

Pre-Construction Consideration


One way that insulated metal panels are more affordable is that they require less labor than other alternatives. According to some studies, you can save as much as 55% on framing labor for insulated metal panels than you would conventional construction. This provides a significant decrease in the overall cost.

The main reason insulated metal panels require less labor is that they simply do not need as big of crews since there aren’t as many jobs required. This means that you don’t have to pay for as many people to construct your building.


Insulated metal panels are one of the quickest construction methods for buildings. As a result, you don’t have to pay as much for the construction. When you build a structure, the amount of time it takes to finish will factor into the final cost. The quicker the production time, the less you pay.

Since insulated metal panels require less work, they are a speedy solution for those on a budget. The speedy time frame contributes largely to their affordability. You really can’t beat insulated metal panels in terms of building costs and time.


Waste doesn’t play a big part in the final cost of construction, but it does influence cost slightly. The more waste that is produced, the more manufacturers will have to pay to get rid of that waste. Eliminate waste to save on your insulated metal panels.

In insulated metal panel constructions, waste is almost completely nonexistent. In fact, insulated metal panels produce 98% less waste than conventional constructions. This means that builders will have fewer costs associated with waste disposal. This, in turn, means that you pay less as well.