ACM Panels

ACM Panels

Allow Tuschall Engineering to fulfill your ACM panel needs. We provide professional ACM panels in the Chicago area that are durable, attractive, and versatile. This aluminum composite panels series creates a back-ventilated, rain-screen design that enhances your designs’ durability and aesthetic appearance. From standard ACM panels to panels with a wood finish, Tuschall Engineering has you covered.

Aluminum Composite Panels in Chicago & throughout the midwest

Our goal at Tuschall Engineering is the help your blueprints come to life. By purchasing our aluminum composite panels, know that you can protect your building from corrosion while still making it look attractive and sleek. Our ACM panels provide high performance and durable exterior composite panel cladding for your next design. 

Tuschall Engineering only installs exceptionally flat ACM panels. This reduces oil canning, making your system more consistent and less work. We can easily route and form our ACM panels to fit any design or plan you may have. We even provide a variety of colors and natural finishes to choose from. This ensures that your aluminum composite panels are attractive and durable.

When you choose Tuschall Engineering, you get your choice between a polyethylene or a fire-retardant core. Both options are great, but the fire-retardant core will make your building safer in the case of a fire. We have added this option to our aluminum composite panels series since we treat our clients like family, and we only want the best for our family.

Put your best foot forward by hiring Tuschall Engineering for all your ACM panel needs. We tackle every project with a sense of excitement and innovation, ensuring that your final project is top of the line. All the while, we provide home run service and attention that you won’t get anywhere else.

What are ACM Panels?

ACM stands for aluminum composite material. ACM panels are used as an external wall cladding and should be used in conjunction with a proper weather-resistant barrier. Together, these two aspects create a back ventilated, rain screen design that protects your building and gives it a sleek, modern look.


ACM panels have three layers, much like a sandwich. The two outside layers are pre-painted aluminum sheets bonded to the inside using FR Core or fire-retardant core. This three-part design provides good stability, low weight, and a sleek look.

While being attractive and durable, ACM metal panels only weigh about half the weight of regular aluminum sheets. This makes them highly practical and desirable for visual merchandising, framing, archiving, interior, exteriors, construction, and fine art applications.


These panels provide a protective layer for the building’s weatherproofing membranes. As a result, the membrane should last longer and be more durable, despite the elements. The ACM panels will not prevent all water from reaching the membrane, however. That is why the ACM panels must be used with a back ventilated design. Together, these two parts allow the water to be drained and the cavity to be ventilated properly.

At the same time, the ACM panels are attractive and aesthetically pleasing, allowing them to be both pleasing to your eye and plans. The aluminum sheets can be coated with polyvinylidene fluoride, fluoropolymer resins, or polyester paint to make the ACM panels look sleek and attractive. Just about any color and finish can be applied to the aluminum panels. This includes metallic, Patinated Surfaces, non-metallic, wood, or marble finishes. 

Composite Metal Wall Panels

Composite metal wall panels tend to be thicker, stronger, and more insulated than lap-seam metal panels. They include two sheets of metal that adhere to a core material that acts as insulation. Though the metal sheets are only about 0.05 inches thick, the overall thickness depends on how much insulation is between the two metal sheets. Most are between 1.2 inches and 2 inches.

There are three types of composite panels:

Metal-Faced Composite Panels

Metal-faced composite panels consist of two metal facings connected to a thin thermal plastic core. The sheets are typically less than 0.05 inches, but the panel as a whole can have a thickness of up to 0.25 inches. The composite panels are then bent to the profile. Although these panels are not as strong as flat-plate metal panels, you can add stiffeners for further strength.

Why Choose Tuschall Engineering

Tuschall Engineering has been installing aluminum composite panels in Chicago for over 80 years. This experience ensures that we mean business and know how to erect the best ACM panels for you and your designs. By sticking with you every step of the way, we enhance your plans and make them come to life with a welcoming, family touch.

From design conception to maintenance, Tuschall Engineering has your back. We take a lean project management style to help us reduce unforeseen circumstances, work at a fast pace, and get you the results you want faster. We want to work with you so that your plans come to life in a way that is long-lasting, efficient, and beautiful for our city.

ACM Panel Projects

Our aluminum composite panels have been featured all over the Chicago area. Some of our ACM panels in Chicago include the Audi of Hoffman Estates, Whole Foods, the Louis A. Weise Memorial Hospital, the Argonne National Laboratory, and more.