Column Covers

Column Covers

Tuschall Engineering has been designing, fabricating, and installing column covers in Chicago & throughout the Midwest for the past 80 years. Our experience puts us over the edge in craftsmanship, while our family business mentality allows us to treat every client as though they were the only ones. With these two factors on our side, Tuschall Engineering can provide you with the best column covers in Chicago & throughout the Midwest.

Whether you need interior or exterior covers, Tuschall Engineering provides every one of our clients with various personalized options to choose from. Enhance your structures and stretch your dollar by covering your columns with the Tuschall Engineering column covers. By selecting our covers, you get a family-styled and professional experience you won’t get anywhere else. 

What are Column Covers?

Column covers are pieces that wrap around a column. They are a great asset if you want to change the appearance of the column without messing with the structure of the column or building.

Why Choose Column Covers?

Buildings almost always include columns, but columns often clash with a building’s aesthetics, especially if they are inside. Column covers are a great way to make sure that your columns are attractive for any design and look without spending too much money.


To make a column match the aesthetic of a room without column covers, you can easily expect your costs to skyrocket. From delicate detail work to more expensive materials, matching the column to your design is astronomically expensive.

Column covers, on the other hand, are different. They are very affordable, yet they can be formed into many shapes and sizes. A variety of clients enjoy our column covers because they enable them to enhance their structures’ appearance without adding unnecessary costs.


Column covers are also durable. Tuschall Engineering crafts our covers to fight against the elements while still looking sleek and attractive. As a result, column covers are highly versatile. They fit in both interior and exterior scenarios. This means that no matter what column needs a cover, you should be able to find a design that fits your exact needs and preferences.

Tuschall Engineering Column Covers

Tuschall Engineering has been a leader in column covers in Chicago & throughout the Midwest for the last 80 years. We offer a variety of metal systems that range from foam systems to fabric column covers. Our column covers stand out because we help handle every production phase; this includes designing, fabricating, and installing the column covers.

Though this may sound like a small feat, most companies do not help with every step of the process. Thanks to our lean management system, we can help our clients with all things column covers so that they don’t have to go through the hassle of meeting new people, taking new phone numbers, or planning.

80 Years of Experience

We know that quality is what matters. As a result, Tuschall Engineering only creates the most professional and aesthetic column covers. Our team members are equipped with decades of experience that allow them to handle your column covers professionally. Your final product is guaranteed to be professional, attractive, and durable.

Family Service

Tuschall Engineering provides service that you won’t get anywhere else. As a family company, we take the time to treat every client and worker as a family member. To us, this means treating every client with respect and due diligence. We take the time to make your column covers intentional with your design and exact to your description.

Fair Prices

Our team members even take the time to create the best budget and prices for your wallet and project. We of all people understand that price plays a significant factor in column covers. Tuschall Engineering makes it a point to keep costs affordable and maximize your dollars, so you can get the most professional and effective column covers for your money.

Column Cover Projects

Since we have been designing, fabricating, and installing column covers in Chicago for decades, we know a thing or two about column covers and have many projects to prove it. The Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital, Chicago hotel lobby, and the Chicago Theological Center are three of our most impressive column cover projects.