Corten Panels

Corten Panels

Tuschall Engineering has been a leading provider for weathering steel products, such as Corten panels, for decades. Our inventory is designed to exceed your expectations so you can create the most attractive and functional structure possible. Select Tuschall Engineering as your supplier of Corten panels in Chicago so you can enhance your structure’s aesthetics and durability.

What are Corten Panels?

Corten panels, or weathering steel, is used for landscaping and outdoor construction. Corten panels are different from regular steel since they are made with alloys that create self-protecting rust when exposed to the weather. This protective rust is called a patina. In other words, Corten panels resist rust while regular steel does not.

When many people hear the word rust, they think of that nasty rust on old shovels or appliances. The self-protecting rust on our Corten panels is different. It is attractive and rustic, providing a classic, midcentury look. It also insulates the material, preventing it from corrosion. This means that you don’t need to paint or weatherproof your Corten panels.

All the while, patina does not compromise the strength or durability of the Corten panels. As a result, our Corten panels are highly durable and attractive, making it a great choice for ornamentals and other small detail work that you might find on the outside of a building.


Because of the self-protecting rust, the Tuschall Engineering Corten panels have a warm hue. This makes them ideal for places that need a bit more warmth and liveliness. At the same time, Corten panels typically have minimal thickness. This makes the panels great for areas too small for a large brick or concrete wall.

Because of the midcentury industrial, no-frills design, Corten panels are a great choice for any contemporary structure. Walls, edgings, dividers, planters, gate trims, and arbors are frequently made with Corten panels, but you can use them for other uses as well.


Tuschall Engineering’s Corten panels are also some of the most durable materials for outside projects. Since they are weathering steel, they form a rust-like appearance when exposed to the weather. This allows them to resist corrosion. All the while, they offer the same power and durability as regular steel.

Why Choose Tuschall Engineering as Your Corten Panel Supplier?

Tuschall Engineering has been installing Corten panels in Chicago & throughout the Midwest for decades. With over 80 years of experience on our side, Tuschall Engineering is a leader in the design, project management, installation, and maintenance of Corten panels. We tackle every project and client with a family company mentality, allowing us to personalize every project and experience to individual clients and keep prices fair.

High-Quality Results

You don’t become a leader in the industry for nearly eight decades by under-producing. All of our Corten panel projects are tackled with an eye for detail and perfection. For this reason, Tuschall Engineering only puts out high-quality Corten panel works. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. More so, it is our goal to exceed your expectations, not just meet them. Expect our Corten panel installations to be perfect.

One way that we do this is by focusing on innovation. Many long-lasting companies get stuck in their ways, but Tuschall Engineering is different. We make it a point to innovate our processes and materials, so our designs are cutting edge and at the forefront of metal works. This allows our clients to know that they are getting the most contemporary, safe, and efficient Corten panels on the market today.

For all our Corten panel designs and installations, we make it a point to be as sustainable as possible. As a family company, we love the planet we live on and our home city of Chicago. This motivates us to look for ways to be more sustainable when creating and installing your Corten panels in Chicago & throughout the Midwest.

Matching Your Intent

Here at Tuschall Engineering, we believe it is our job to let your designs shine and make it a point to truly understand your design intent before starting on any plans. By doing so, we can create Corten panel systems that not just meet your needs but showcase your personality and vision.

Having your building match your vision is incredibly important, especially for business purposes. You want a cohesive design and aesthetics that customers can relate to. Our Corten panels are a great way to do this, and we take the time to make sure they match your intent perfectly.

Fair Prices

Since we are a family company ourselves, we understand that budget matters. For this reason, we only charge fair prices for our work. We even go the extra mile by minimizing high costs and labor time to save you extra money. Tuschall Engineering uses a lean project management style to make sure our resources and time are maximized so your bill is minimized.


To ensure that our clients get the best products possible, Tuschall Engineering enhances our Corten panels with rain systems from Ornamentals, the only US manufacturer of the European half-round rainwater system. This system has maximized efficiency and appearances due to its seamless-weld downspout.

These rain systems match our Corten panels perfectly, allowing the building’s entire design to be cohesive and attractive. At the same time, they provide an effective rainwater system that protects your building from water damage and other costly problems.