Interior Metal Panels

Interior Metal Panels

The inside of your building is arguably one of the most important parts. The interior is what tells the story of your business or space. Without proper designs and materials, it is easy for your company’s mission and voice to get lost in the background. Interior metal panels are a great way to allow your companies vision to shine through in a modern and sleek way.

Tuschall Engineering has been a leader in installing interior metal panels in Chicago & throughout the Midwest. Our goal is to help you design and install your interior metal panels. We make it a point to help you create the best interior structure while still minimizing costs and time spent on the project. Our interior metal panels can be used in many applications and customized to fit your exact vision and specifications.

Put your best foot forward by investing in the Tuschall Engineering metal panels. With the help of our team on your side, you will quickly and easily enhance your interior space to make it look more professional and exciting.

About Interior Metal Panels

Interior metal panels are a great way to make your structure more durable and attractive. Many modern designs incorporate interior metal panels to make their area seem more clean, crisp, and expensive. For this reason, most users select interior metal panels for their aesthetic qualities.

Regardless of the design you may have in your head, you’ll be able to find an interior metal panel that fits your vision perfectly. All you need to do is do a little research into the type, color, and cut of metal, and you should be good to go. 

All the while, interior metal panels are highly durable. This makes them a great choice if you don’t want to spend money on them down the line. Metal is very durable and withstands a lot of pressure. With the interior metal panels being placed inside, you’ll have very little to worry about. Interior metal panels are a great choice if you want an attractive but durable decoration inside your structure.

Despite their attractive look, interior metal panels are also relatively affordable. Instead of spending time on a lot of fine detail work, you can save money by selecting interior metal panels instead.

Why Choose Tuschall Engineering?

Tuschall Engineering is a family-run business supplying interior metal panels in Chicago & throughout the Midwest for the last 80 years. Our decades worth of experience and passion for helping people have led us to be a leader in the market for decades. Select an interior metal panel installer you can trust by choosing Tuschall Engineering.

Our interior metal panels are designed to maximize savings and efficiency. By giving you various options to choose from, your metal panels can also match your interior perfectly and enhance your aesthetics accordingly.


Tuschall Engineering only installs the most durable interior metal panels. We make it a point to craft them in such a way that they are heavy duty and powerful. These panels withstand more pressure and elements than traditional materials used in interior design. This makes them a great choice for just about any need since they will outlast other materials.


Although these panels are made with metal, they are nothing but beautiful. There are countless material options to choose from, such as stainless steel and copper. This allows you to select the material that matches your interior design the best. As a result, your interior metal panels both protect your interior and enhance its aesthetics.


No matter what the reason is for your interior metal panels, Tuschall Engineering can make panels that match your design. Our panels can be made to fit in any application, making our interior metal panels a great choice for those with a variety of needs. From cabinetry to walls, our interior metal panels exceed expectations.

Green Choice

Here at Tuschall Engineering, we value and respect the planet we live on. As a result, our interior metal panels are LEED certified. This means that our panels have been approved by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for their energy savings, water efficiency, carbon emissions, and more. By purchasing our interior metal panels, you can rest easy knowing that you are also doing your best to preserve the planet we call home.

Interior Metal Panel Projects

Tuschall Engineering knows that we are only as good as our latest work. The Hinsdale residences and Fourth Presbyterian Church are two of our more recent interior metal panel design work. These projects and others show our skill and expertise in interior metal panel designing and installation.