Sunshades and Louvers

Sunshades and Louvers

Tuschall Engineering has been a leader in sunshade and louver design and installation for the last 80 years. We tackle every project with a sense of excitement and professionalism. We use our many years of experience to craft and install the best sunshades and louvers for our clients. By selecting Tuschall Engineering, you receive the highest quality sunshade systems at an affordable price.

Sunshades and louvers are designed to obstruct undesired sunlight and heat from making it into your building. These devices are a great way to maximize the efficiency of your building for a more affordable price.

All the while, sunshades, and louvers are great ways to enhance your building’s natural appearance. They have a very modern design that makes them look as though they’re only there for aesthetic purposes. Our sunshades and louvers come in various profiles, spacing, and styles, allowing you to match them to your aesthetic preferences exactly.

Why Choose Metal Sunshades

Though you can choose many materials for your sunscreens and sunshades, perforated metal is the best. It has the most prolonged longevity of any other building material. This means that your sunshades will last longer. The durability of the material is essential since sunshades are exposed to difficult elements year around.

At the same time, metal sunshades are highly attractive. Metal is malleable, allowing it to be formed in any shape. There are also various colors and finishes to choose from, making sure that your louvers match your overall aesthetics.

Metal is also more manageable than other materials. Unlike fabrics and other materials that require maintenance, metal louvers are nearly maintenance-free. This makes them a great choice since you don’t have to think about them regularly.

Benefits of Tuschall Engineering's Sunshades and Louvers

Tuschall Engineering’s sunshades and louvers are high-quality, attractive, and durable.  We specifically design every sunshade to the exact building they are going on. This includes looking at the building design, but, more importantly, it includes looking at the building’s geographic location and positioning. This allows us to gather what angles the sun is coming in so we can maximize it.

When you select Tuschall Engineering’s sunshades Chicago & throughout the Midwest design, you can expect to receive a variety of benefits. These benefits range from aesthetic improvements to the reduction of energy costs.

Mitigates Heat and Glare

Since our sunshades and louvers prevent unwanted sunlight from entering the building, they mitigate heat and glare. What this means is that they help to keep your interior temperature regulated. If heat is left outside of the building, you don’t have to run your AC strongly.

Similarly, with less sunlight comes less glare. This means that you will not be blinded during early mornings or high afternoons. All around, our louvers Chicago location help make the interior of your building more enjoyable.

Reduces Energy Costs

Since our sunshades and louvers help mitigate heat, they also reduce energy costs. If less heat enters into the building, you don’t have to turn your AC all the way up. As a result, you have a much lower energy bill, and you save money. Although you might not save a ton of money every month, the savings will quickly add up, and you will be shocked to know how much you’ve spent.

Enhances Aesthetics

Along with being highly effective, sunshades are also aesthetically pleasing. Tuschall Engineering offers a variety of colors, spaces, and blades to choose from. This allows you to tailor the system to your all-over design. No matter what design style you prefer, we have a sunshade system for you.

Contemporary structures will especially benefit from louvers. They add a crisp and minimalist look that provides dimension and color. They pop off the walls, forcing onlookers to notice your building. Let your building’s personality shine through our aesthetic enhancing louvers. 

Enhances Privacy

Sunshades and louvers can be positioned to enhance privacy. This is a great benefit if you do not want people looking into your building at night or on the weekends. Privacy enhancement can deter theft or other forms of vandalism.

At the same time, though, sunshades and louvers are not intimidating. Any business knows that an intimidating building will not get a lot of customers. Louvers enhance privacy, but they also look warm and inviting, so you don’t scare away customers.

Why Choose Tuschall Engineering

Tuschall Engineering only provides the most exceptional sunshades and louvers Chicago & throughout the Midwest has seen. We offer professional design and installation, but we also provide family-centered service and fair prices. Together, these facts have allowed us to be a leading sunshade and louver installer in Chicago & throughout the Midwest for decades.

Premium Services

Tuschall Engineering has been installing louvers and sunshades in Chicago & throughout the Midwest for nearly 80 years. This means we have a lifetime’s experience in design and installation. We use this experience to craft premium quality louvers and sunshades that complement your structure and design intent.

We tackle every project with a sense of eagerness and excitement. We match our excitement with proven results and techniques, so every louver we install is of premium quality. Many of our team members have been a part of the Tuschall family for decades, ensuring that our workers are also highly skilled and professional.

Although we have decades worth of experience, we are anything but old school. We have a mindset for innovation that allows us to stay at the forefront of metal system installation. This means that every louver and sunshade we install is constantly improving, so you get the most modern and cutting edge designs available.

Family Company

Here at Tuschall Engineering, our work is more than just a paycheck. We find personal satisfaction in a job well done and tackle every project with excitement and eagerness. More than that, we greet every client and worker with a smiling face.

As a family company, we value service and believe our work is nothing without it. For this reason, we treat every client as a family member too. We want you to feel open and welcome with our operation so that we can collaborate and allow your designs to flourish.

All the while, we offer affordable prices. As a family company, we value honesty and fairness. For this reason, we use a lean management system to maximize our resources and stretch your dollar.