Perforated Panels

Perforated Panels

Tuschall Engineering has provided our community with superior perforated aluminum panels and perforated stainless steel panels for over 80 years. From simple perforated metal pieces to intricate architectural structures, Tuschall Engineering provides it all and tackles every project with excitement and a special family touch. Hire a metal panel system installer you can trust. 

Tuschall Engineering Perforated Panels

Tuschall Engineering provides you with anything you could need relating to metal panel systems, including perforated metal solutions. Whether you need a small piece of perforated metal or a complete structure sided with perforated metal, we have you covered. Here at Tuschall Engineering, we provide all forms of perforated metals that can be used just about anywhere. 

Our perforated panel experts take their time crafting the most beautiful, perforated metal panels possible. Tuschall Engineering knows that every hole and pattern makes a difference, so we make it a point to treat every one as though it were the centerpiece of the structure. By focusing on every individual hole, Tuschall Engineering crafts stunning perforated panels with intricate detailing.

Years of Experience

More important than simply supplying perforated metal panels is the quality in which they are made. We know that supplying perforated panels is one thing, but supplying perforated panels that are exquisite and stunning is something else entirely. Tuschall Engineering only supplies our clients with the most professional and attractive perforated metal panels possible.

This means that the perforated metal panels we supply are simply gorgeous. You do not have to worry about your perforated metal panels eroding or looking less than perfect. On the contrary, perforated metal panels crafted by Tuschall Engineering are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Part of the reason our products stand out among other perforated metal suppliers is that we have years of experience. Since we have been supplying perforated stainless panels in Chicago for over 80 years, we know a thing or two about perforated panels. We use our decades of experience to craft ornate and stunning pieces.

Fair Prices

As a family business, we know that prices matter, and it is not fair to charge high prices just to stuff our own pockets. By treating every client as though they were a family member, we only charge fair prices for the work we provide.

Our team members will work with you to craft a budget that is perfect for your wallet and project. In other words, we work together to maximize your dollar so that way your final product is stunning and durable. We even make it a point to finish our work as quickly as possible, so you do not have to pay any additional labor or time costs.

To further your savings and cost value, our project management team makes it a point to make sure that all shipments and jobs are finished on time. Tuschall Engineering knows that precision and reliability are necessary. All our shipments are sent on-time, according to specifications, and in perfect condition.

Why Get Perforated Panels?

Perforated panels have recently become an architectural favorite among modern designs. They create an interesting design that is hard not to notice. However, these panels are also a great option for more than just aesthetics and appearances. In addition, perforated panels provide light control, allow air movement, and reduce sound pollution.

Light Control

Perforated metals are a great choice for rooms that need shading. The metal sheets will provide ample shading for the building within. With shading, you will not have to pay as much for air conditioning, keeping energy savings up.

Air Movement

Perforated metal panels are great for air movement. The holes on the sheets allow for air to flow freely throughout. This allows for greater ventilation, which results in greater energy savings. All around, perforated metal sheets are an excellent choice for buildings that need both shading and ventilation.

Sound Pollution Reduction

Chicago is a busy city that is constantly filled with noise. Block out some of that noise by installing perforated metal on your building. This will make it easier to work in peace or relax.


Perforated metals are a great addition to a variety of industries. Architecture, food and beverage, chemical and energy, automotive, and material development industries all benefit from perforated metals.

How Perforated Metals are Made

Perforated metals begin as a regular slab of sheet metal. The sheet metal is thin and flat, making it easy to cut shapes into it and bend it to different design ideas. The thickness of the sheet metal will be specified in gauges. The larger the gauge number, the thinner the metal sheet.

To perforate the metal, we use a rotary pin perforation roller. This is simply a large cylinder with needles on the outside. These needles are what punch the holes into the metal. The sheet metals are run across the roller as it rotates, allowing it to punch holes on the entire sheet. Sometimes, the needles are heated to melt the metal and create a reinforced ring around the hole.

Another method for perforating metals is the dye and punch technique. Per this process, a sheet with needles is pressed onto the intended metal. This punches holes into the sheet metal. All remaining pieces are sheared off to reveal a smooth surface.

Perforated vs Expanded Sheets

Here at Tuschall Engineering, we want you to get the product you are imagining. Sometimes, it can be hard to know exactly what you have in mind. Many people mistake perforated metal sheets for expanded metal sheets. To clear the air, here’s a quick overview of the differences between the two:

Why Choose Tuschall Engineering

Tuschall Engineering has been installing perforated stainless panels in Chicago for decades. Our 80 years of experience ensures that we have the skills and knowledge to create beautifully crafted perforated metals that can easily be installed with your design intent.

More than that, every team member views every project as a new opportunity to innovate and grow. This means that we perfect every single perforated metal sheet that comes our way and innovate them so that you get the most affordable yet professional perforated metal sheet possible. By taking time to perforate every hole carefully, the final product will be beautiful and stunning.

On top of our impressive, perforated metal abilities, Tuschall Engineering is a family business. To us, this means treating everyone like family, including our workers and clients. When you pick Tuschall Engineering, you can expect us to carefully treat you and your design with respect and excitement.

We tailor our perforated metal sheets to fit your design perfectly. Our emphasis on a family mentality allows us to work with you to create the best perforated aluminum panels for your project. We want to work with you, not against you, to help your vision come to life. We recognize that your vision is just that – yours. As a result, we find a way to make our perforated metal systems fit your vision perfectly.

Only select a business you can trust. Our 80 years’ worth of experience and emphasis on collaboration allows us to create the most stunning perforated stainless panels in Chicago. Upgrade your structure or vision with our perforated aluminum panels or stainless panels on your side.

Perforated Panel Projects

Given that we have been in the perforated metal business for years, we have a lot of experience. The Whole Foods, Poetry Foundation, and Audi of Hoffman Estates are just three examples of our perforated metal works. Browse our portfolio to see our collection.