Stainless Steel Panels

Stainless Steel Panels

Tuschall Engineering is the leading metal system installer in Chicago & throughout the Midwest. We provide the Chicago area & throughout the Midwest with a variety of metal products, such as stainless steel panels. By overseeing our stainless steel panels from design to installation, we can help your structural dreams come true by providing expert services and products.

Our stainless steel panels are a great choice if you want a durable, attractive, and great metal for the environment. No matter your intent for the stainless steel panels, our panels will provide great structural and design elements that fit your design intent.

We even provide customizable options to ensure that our stainless steel panels fulfill every one of your expectations. Tuschall Engineering figures out exactly what your goals and visions are for your stainless steel panels by working closely with you. We then craft beautiful designs and project management plans that fit your plans and budget.

Stainless steel is most often used in commercial kitchen restaurant manufacturing and design. This can include hoods, sinks, counters, steamable ventilations, and NSF custom fabricating. Other commercial applications enjoy stainless steel panels as well.

We make it a point to cater to the professional and personal alike. Many residential and office clients benefit from stainless steel panels, too. Tuschall Engineering is happy to custom design kitchen and bath with detailed and artistic finishes.

All About Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most popular metal types for manufacturing. Chances are, you have multiple stainless steel items within your own home. Kitchen and bathroom appliances are often made with this metal type today.


Stainless steel is the most popular choice within the kitchen and bath due to its durability. It is made so that it prevents rusting and withstands high temperatures. For this reason, stainless steel is an ideal material type for the kitchen and bathroom, two places prone to a lot of water and heat.

Stainless steel is resistant to rust because it is made to form a passive film around the material. This means that stainless steel can self-heal itself in the presence of oxygen, protecting from a corrosion attack. This makes the metal perfect for high-impact areas.


The modern world is full of sleek and crisp designs. Keep up with the game by using stainless steel within your own home or business. Stainless steel has a beautiful finish that looks somewhat like silver, making it an incredibly attractive metal for industrial and personal use.

It even has a reflective finish that is uniform. This uniformity is a great addition to any room since it makes things look more cohesive and put together.


Stainless steel is a great option for those who need a variety of shapes and sizes. Although stainless steel can withstand a lot of heat, it is easily formable during the manufacturing phase. This means that we can easily shape the stainless steel into whatever shape or size you may want.

Whether you need a large counter for an industrial kitchen or small detail work for your personal bathroom, Tuschall Engineering can mold stainless steel panels to fit your vision exactly.

It even has a reflective finish that is uniform. This uniformity is a great addition to any room since it makes things look more cohesive and put together.


Many people are trying to switch to a more sustainable way of living. Using stainless steel products in your home or business may be a great way to do this. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, meaning that any scraps we produce can be used again. Likewise, you can recycle your stainless steel appliances if you decide to remodel your kitchen or bath down the line.

Choosing Tuschall Engineering's Stainless Steel Panels

When you partner with Tuschall Engineering, you know that you have a company that you can trust. Tuschall Engineering has been installing stainless steel panels in Chicago & throughout the Midwest for the last 80 years. With these years of experience, our company and workers have become the most professional and experienced in the business. Tuschall Engineering can be trusted to provide you with the most professional installation and advice possible from project management to installation.

At the same time, we aim to innovate our work and projects. By sticking to what we know but pushing ourselves to be the best, we create the most advanced and modern structures for our clients. Our stainless steel panels work in the same way. We push our craftsmanship so that we can create unique designs to your intent.

Family Company

Unlike other metal system suppliers, Tuschall Engineering is a family company. Because of this, we treat every one of our workers and clients as though they are family too. We use this family mentality to tailor our projects and stainless steel panels to your vision.

We don’t want to push out work as quickly as possible, ignoring you. Instead, Tuschall Engineering wants to work with our clients to help their stainless steel panel needs to become a reality. It is only through our relationship with our clients that can create final products that match their intent perfectly.


Although installing stainless steel panels is less expensive than other metal types, the cost can still get pretty hefty very quickly. Tuschall Engineering wants to do our best to keep prices fair so that you can get the final product you want without spending an excessive amount of money.

We use a lean project management system to keep costs down, maximize our work time, and get you the best designs for your needs. You can count on Tuschall Engineering to help you find the most affordable stainless steel panels in Chicago & throughout the Midwest.

Stainless Steel Panel Projects

Since we have been installing stainless steel panels around Chicago for a lifetime, we have a lot of work for you to check out. Browse through our portfolio to see our work and get inspired.