Zinc panels

Zinc Panels

Enhance your building’s durability and long-lasting features by using zinc panels in the design. Tuschall Engineering installs the most professional and durable zinc panels in Chicago & throughout the Midwest. Don’t worry about your structure’s durability again by selecting Tuschall engineering’s attractive and self-healing zinc panels.

All About Zinc Panels

Zinc has been one of the most popular choices for facades, roofing, and cladding. In fact, zinc is quickly becoming a favorite among architects due to its durability, versatility, and manufacturability.


Zinc is considered one of the most durable metals because it can self-heal. This self-healing ability allows for zinc to have one of the most impressive life expectancies. A zinc roof can last around 100 years, while a zinc wall can last around 150 years.

This impressive life expectancy is due to zinc’s incredible weathering resistance. As zinc is exposed to everyday weathering, a protective layer forms on its surface. This protective layer is called a patina, and it prevents zinc from corroding.

Because of the patina, zinc heals itself when scratched or scuffed. Whenever it is scratched, it goes through a process called re-patinating so that the scratched area matches the metal around it. This causes the marks to disappear, making your structure look beautiful and new once again.


Due to the patina, zinc is a highly attractive metal. The patina layer creates a thin layer that looks attractive and classic. Many architects love zinc’s look because of this patina; it makes the structures look classic and timeless.

All the while, the zinc structure never looks tarnished. Although the color does slightly change due to the layer, you don’t see any scratches. This is incredibly ideal since it allows the structure to retain a polished and refined look.

Low Maintenance

Many people opt for zinc panels because of how incredibly low maintenance they are. The self-healing property means that you don’t have to maintain the metal as much yourself. This will save you from needing to apply paint touchups or edge control. Instead, the metal does most of the hard work for you.


Even though zinc is highly durable, it is also soft and pliable. This means that zinc can be formed into just about any shape easily. No matter what design idea you may have, zinc can easily be shaped to fit it beautifully and effectively.

Why Choose Tuschall Engineering

Tuschall Engineering has been a leading installer of zinc panels in Chicago & throughout the Midwest for the last 80 years. Our lifetime’s worth of experience allows us to deliver high-quality craftsmanship with a family touch. Whether you are building from the ground up or adding to an existing facade, Tuschall Engineering has the skills and resources to make your designs come to life.

High-Quality Results

Here at Tuschall Engineering, we constantly push ourselves to be the best. We know that our name means nothing if our most recent work isn’t modern and exquisite. Every project we take on, we bring a mindset of perfection, professionalism, and innovation. Our zinc panel installation is no different.

Our innovative mindset allows us to deliver high-quality zinc panels every time. This is why Tuschall Engineering has been at the forefront of metal construction for nearly eight decades. We constantly develop our skills and techniques, so they’re cutting edge and high quality.

With an eye for detail, our zinc panels deliver your intent perfectly. We make sure that every single panel we produce fulfills your intent and does so with style. By selecting Tuschall Engineering, you get a team that designs, manages, and installs your zinc panels with professionalism and excitement.

Fair Prices

As a family company, we know that prices matter. We try our best to keep prices affordable so you can stretch your dollar to get the most professional zinc panels in Chicago & throughout the Midwest. We use a lean management system to maximize our resources and time, so you pay less.

Our installers are even equipped with 30 years of experience with the company. This ensures that the individuals know how to install zinc panels properly, so you don’t have to spend more money on labor time.


Tuschall Engineering knows that the quality of metal determines the quality of the project. For this reason, we only use NedZink zinc for our zinc panels. This ensures that your final product is sustainable, durable, and beautiful.

NedZink is a leading Dutch zinc manufacturer of rolled titanium zinc for a variety of metal systems. The company has over 125 years of experience, ensuring that they know how to manufacture completely pure and reliable zinc.

Because of how reliable NedZink’s zinc is, it can be recyclable. Any products used with NedZink zinc is 100% recyclable, meaning that your project will be more sustainable and friendlier to the environment.

Opt for a metal system installer you can trust by choosing Tuschall Engineering. We offer the most impressive, cost-efficient, and durable zinc panels in Chicago. 

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